How to Contribute at Millennial Business Life

One of the biggest components of Millennial Business Life is letting people who visit our site have a major role in the community. We want you, the reader, to share your opinions on every article that we write. Most of the content on our site discusses issues that directly impact Millennials, so it is only fair that your thoughts on those issues are known.

Once you have completed the easy process of making an account and subscribing (Just provide us with an e-mail), you are officially an exclusive member of the Millennial Business Life team and are able to comment. Comments can be approached from all kinds of angles: You might see an article about one of our personal internship experiences and wish to add your own. Or, you might see an article talking about statistical comparisons between Millennials and Generation X and discuss additional research that you have done on the subject. Comments can also be used to discuss how much you have enjoyed an article of ours, as well. Any comment that helps to better the experiences of our readers and staff is welcome on Millennial Business Life.

Additionally, comments can be used to state how you think an article of ours could be improved. The goal of this site is to provide the best information possible for our readers, so any suggestions you have to improve our content will be gladly received. In fact, constructive criticism serves to only further develop our site more: Neither of us are pretending that we are perfect or all-knowing. By all means, let us know when you think that we have made a mistake, or if you think an article could be improved. You will find that we are always willing to listen.

Here are a few general guidelines for commenting. Nothing too strict, but we want to make sure that readers know what conduct is good for our site.

. No spam or trolling (Intentionally trying to upset other readers)

. No personal attacks on readers (Go after the argument, not the person)

. Be specific with your criticism. Saying “This sucks!” is not helping us understand what we need to do to improve an article.

. If you’re making a comment that references statistics or history, include a link that shows readers where you got the information from. We do the same for our articles, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

At the end of the day, our goal is to provide the best content possible for users. Your comments let us know just how close we have come to reaching that mission.

Matthew Engel