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Welcome to Millennial Business Life, a blog created to discuss the issues and experiences facing Millennials as they enter the professional world.

Before you continue reading, we want to thank you for visiting this site- whether you are a first-time reader or a subscriber who has followed us long before Millennial Business Life was launched. Every person that visits our site has the opportunity to share their own stories with our readers, while also using our content to become more successful in their desired occupation. We do not expect our readers to always agree with our opinions, but we do hope that all discussions are civil and help to grow the community in the long-term.

So why did we start this blog? One reason is that our generation is unique: We are on our way to being the most educated generation in history, yet face unprecedented student debt and difficulties finding jobs in our fields after graduating college. The stigma surrounding Millennials is often negative, and we have all heard these disturbing descriptions of our generation:


“Addicted to technology”

“The Participant trophy Generation”

These stereotypes are not only biased, but they are often inaccurate. For one, we did not give participation trophies to ourselves as kids, and most who received them were intelligent enough to understand they had not won the contest they were competing in. As for the perception of Millennials as “entitled” and “lazy,” it should be noted that the belief that the newest generation will be the downfall of Western civilization is hardly new, it is something that many previous generations have had to deal with as well. The Baby Boomers protesting war and refusing to fight in Vietnam? Lazy, good-for-nothing bums. Generation X? Music-obsessed slackers. How soon we forget the unfair portrayals of past generations:

But, despite all of this, we cannot allow ourselves to become victims. The concerns about rising costs of living are valid and must be solved, but we should not allow them to destroy our careers before they have even started. Millennials are technologically proficient and have the ability to multitask- We are every bit as capable of being businesspeople, lawyers, writers, medical professionals, technicians, and other professions that our parents and grandparents have succeeded in.

At Millennial Business Life, we strive to use our personal experiences and resources to create a self-aware community that will grow into the next generation of innovators. The roadblocks standing in our way- Debt, skepticism, a lack of confidence in ourselves, will all vanish as we become more successful in life.

As the late American businessman and politician Hugh White once said, “The past cannot be changed, the future is still in your power.”


                                                     Best of luck,

                                                 Millennial Business Life

Matthew Engel