Ways to Save on Cyber Monday

There are so many posts that talk about how to “win” Cyber Monday. Here’s how you and others can come out on top without a hassle.

Assuming you weren’t injured in a Black Friday riot, Cyber Monday can be your opportunity to have access to great deals by online retailers. There are no long lines, no people elbowing to get in front of you, and absolutely no annoying customers in front of you. Of course, this does not guarantee that you will see a bargain in every online website you check out. As millennials, us here at Millennial Business Life have spent some time searching online for eye-catching deals on products we are interested in, as well as hearing the stories of some more bargain shoppers. Here are a few tips on having a successful Cyber Monday.

Check Reddit: Reddit is much more than a forum for talking about sports and politics. Self-described as the “Front Page of the Internet,” you can find excellent holiday deals on certain subreddits (parts of Reddit for certain categories) such as r/deals and r/blackfriday. Think of these pages as a giant garage sale or flea market; it is very easy to get lost for certain discounted products on Amazon and eBay. But on these pages, the specific products you are looking for, at a better price, are available. All posts on Reddit have direct links and are carefully examined so that a user’s personal information will not be exposed.

Try a Shopping App: An ABC News-affiliated network wrote an article about the different apps you can use to shop during the Thanksgiving holiday. Those apps include Shopkick, Ebates, and RetailMeNot. If you are looking for a rewards system that gives you points for walking into nearby stores or scanning products, try Shopkick. If you just want to see a variety of deals so you can determine which is the best, RetailMeNot may be the app for you.

Look on Social Media: Sometimes, the best deals for a company’s products are right there in black and white. If you have an online retailer who you like, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Social media is a great platform for companies to announce bargains on Black Friday and Cyber Monday; users should keep an eye out for what is offered.

These are just a few of many options that we have at our disposal in today’s Information Age. The World Wide Web has allowed us to choose the best products, offered at the best prices, while drinking our morning cup of coffee at home. When Cyber Monday begins on November 26, we wish you and the millions of people online the best of luck in finding the perfect item.

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