Discount College Book Sites: Same Knowledge, Less Cost.

With August turning into September, college students are once again beginning the process of purchasing books for their Fall and Spring semesters. For those receiving Financial Aid, it can be an overly stressful time that leaves you, the student, at the mercy of a Professor who may decide that no books are needed for their class, or they might assign several books that will be referenced throughout the semester. This feelings is particularly apparent for college freshmen, for we had always been given textbooks, which had already been paid for, by our high school teachers. Yet that is how the world of college is, a high-priced train that hits you whether you are prepared for its costs or not.

But the plight of college students and their expensive college textbooks is not something that people are unaware of: Every form of media, from TV commercials to shows, seem to love depicting how outrageously high the cost of those books are.  Think about it: For a single college class, you can spend more on books than a Microsoft Xbox, or even a suit. While there are certain books that can teach people lessons they will forever need in life, there are also many books that, intelligent as the authors may be, are rarely or never used in class. That feeling is the most annoying, since you spent hard-earned money on a new book that did nothing except collect dust in your backpack.

However, refusing to buy college textbooks is also a poor option. At least one will be used by the Professor, even if the other two are ignored. Instead of risking failing a class, students can enjoy the services of several websites that offer textbooks at a discounted price. Of course, not all discount websites all the same and some may even have prices that exceed what Amazon offers for the books. Others may not even have prices of their own, but will instead give information on the prices from other websites. Before purchasing from any discount website, you should compare their prices for a certain book with other websites. One example of a required book is Introduction to Finance: Markets, Investments, and Financial Management, 15th Edition by Ronald W. Melicher. On Amazon, the price for that book in eTextbook form is $83.60, while it costs $34.33 to rent (access codes not guaranteed) and $49.04 to buy used. Now, let’s compare this price with other discount websites, such as Chegg.

eTextbook Price: $68.47, Access code not guaranteed.

Rental Price: $33.99

Used Price: $55.49

Free Shipping: Yes, on rentals.

                                                               Valore Books

eTextbook Price: Not offered.

Rental Price: $54.51

Used Price: $42.62

Free Shipping: No

                                                            Better World Books

eTextbook Price: Not offered.

Rental Price: Not offered.

Used Price: $71.45

Free Shipping: Yes


eTextbook Price: Not offered.

Rental Price: Not offered.

Used Price: $60.68

Free Shipping: No

These are just a few of the many different websites that offer discounted college books. As you can see, some may not include the necessary materials you need for the class, such as access codes and CD’s. After all, buying a discounted college textbook is just like buying any other item on the Internet: You know nothing about the buyer and must depend on the product arriving in time and its reviews being accurate. But at the end of the day, the opportunity to buy books at a cheaper price exists, and we encourage college students to take full advantage.


Matthew Engel